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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Well tonight I cooked for the first time since Ian was born! Well ok I have made frozen things like pizza's, but tonight I cooked chicken, veggies and baked potato! It was very yummy and fun to be back in the kitchen again. Last night I made a skillet meal by TGI Friday's and it was yummy too! I would highly recommend those skillet meals (except for the pea's that were in it, it was great). Also, this week I started tracking my points, which is good. I will go weigh in tomorrow and see if it has paid off. I also went on a walk yesterday with my friend Misti. That was fun because we both took our little ones with us and were walking around the neighborhood with our strollers! Fun times! Well I will post tomorrow or Friday morning about the results of my weigh in. Please pray that I will continue to track my points and walk (even if it is around Wal-Mart).

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