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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day three...

Well here I am, alive. I am pretty sore still, but mainly in my abs more than anywhere else. My fellow "shredder" girls all seemed to think today was easier, but not for me! I really struggled with the work out today. Thankfully Justin was right by my side this time or I probably would have been very tempted to cheat. I am really hoping that tomorrow is easier. I am planning on doing it after dropping Ian off at school. This time though, I won't get to rest. Owen and I are going to visit our friend Starla for lunch! I am excited about this because she has the sweetest little one, plus I like to visit with her too. ;)

Here is my food tracker from today. Thanks for keeping up with me. Please continue to pray as I really want to be able to continue this even once the 30 challenge is over.

August 31st

special K cereal w/ chocolate and skim milk


raspberry balsamic chicken
baked potato
salad w/ salad dressing

taco salad
a few fries
diet dr. pepper

apples dipped in nutella

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day two...

Ugh, owe, ugh!

I'm pretty sure that is the only way to describe how I feel right now. If I could spell out a groan then I would because every time I get up off the couch or the floor I groan, loud. I'm not sure if Ian was concerned or thinking I was crazy.

Everyone keeps commenting on my facebook status updates telling me that it gets better after day 3 or 4. So I am hoping they are right. I know it will pay off. I just wish this weekend wasn't Labor Day (we don't have First Place 4 Health, which means I don't have our official weigh in). I can only imagine that two weeks worth of this is going to show some great results!

Here is my food tracker for today. (FYI I had a chocolate banana smoothie last night after I posted)

chicken biscuit
fruit cup
1 slice of bacon
1 walnut
small bite of oatmeal
plain biscuit
diet dr. pepper


roast beef from arby’s
a few fries from McDonald’s

cookies (iced animal cracker type cookies)

mac n ‘ cheese

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day one...

Today I started my 30 day challenge. Let's just say that I hope my children don't need me to hold them over the next few weeks because my arms may not be able to hold them.**Update (I wrote this post earlier this evening) My legs are really feeling it now! YIKES!**

Actually, I am surprised at how quickly I have recovered from day one. My legs still hurt, but my arms aren't too bad. Probably because I didn't use the hand weights that she said to use. I could only find one of them. I will search for the other one tonight so I can be prepared tomorrow.

One of the things I like about it is that by the time you feel like you are going to quit she starts counting down from 5, so you know you can finish 5 more seconds worth. She is also encouraging while being strict. So day one down and only 29 to go. I sure hope I can do this.

Here is my food tracker from today. As you can see, I included everything down to the one french fry I had. Hopefully the more I do this the more detailed I will get, like putting down how much of each thing I eat (ex: 1/2 cup mac n' cheese).

August 29, 2011

4 scrambled eggs w/ some onions in it
½ glass of chocolate milk (skim)
toast w/ butter

grilled chicken sandwich w/ bbq sauce on it
fruit cup
1 fry
diet dr. pepper (refilled once)
a few bites of the soft serve ice cream at chick fil a
a bite of chicken nugget

crackers (afternoon snack)

hot dog wrapped in crescent roll w/ cheese and fried onion strips
mac n cheese

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Challenge accepted...

One of my very sweet and very good friends has challenged me! I love a good challenge and especially one that I will have accountability with.

Our challenge is this: 30 days of doing the 30 day shred. Did you just gasp? I'm pretty sure I heard you gasp. As you can guess this is going to be a pretty tough challenge. But we are going to keep each other accountable and hopefully you readers out there will help us too. I am going to do my best to blog everyday about the how I am doing. Even if all I write is something like "I'm dying", you will at least know that I have done my work out. ;)

I am also going to challenge myself to write down my food. This is something that I have been struggling with since having Owen. Whether on Weight Watchers or First Place 4 Health, it has been a huge struggle. I think one reason is because I know I am not eating what I should or in portions that I should. So this should hopefully help me out. What I would like to do is post it here on my blog (perhaps my amazing computer genius husband can figure out some cool way for me to do that with out having to make it too hard).

So there you go! Challenge accepted. We will begin the on Monday! I can't wait, I hope you will stay with me on this and help me out if you know me in "real life" or if you only know me in "blog life" leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you.

Prayers are always accepted too. :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I'm not doing that good. Pray for me. I want to get out of this slump, it has been a really long slump.