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Friday, August 20, 2010


Let me start by telling you about my high blood pressure. During both of my pregnancies I experienced high blood pressure. After Ian was born it went down to normal and all was good. However, after Owen's birth, at both of my post pregnancy appointments it was high. Ugh. So my OBGYN suggested I go see my primary care physician (PCP) about it.

Fast forward to my appointment with my new PCP. First off, he was super nice and is my OBGYN's husband! He didn't put me on medicine. He wants me to try to lower it with out meds first. So he put me on a diet called the Mediterranean diet. Basically eating more fish, nuts, beans, olive oil. Which to be honest after looking into it, it really is the basic principles of weight watchers. So I think we will do just fine. Adjusting to the fish might take some time, but it will happen.

Now fast forward to this morning. I took both the boys with me to the grocery store! I had Owen in the Owen pack (you know the things that you strap on to your front or back and put the baby in them) and Ian was in the cart. As soon as I put Owen in his pack, he spit up on me! I didn't let that discourage me though, I cleaned us up and headed in to the store!

I was so impressed with this Homeland store. I usually wouldn't shop there because in the past they haven't impressed me and they were more expensive. However, people suggested I try it and this one that I went to was a newer one. While there I had 3 people ask me if I needed help finding something (I think I had that "I've never shopped here" look). They even gave Ian a free balloon! It was great! The prices were higher, but the quality seems good (I guess I won't really know until I eat the stuff I bought) and there were more options as far as the healthy stuff goes! I will for sure be going back to this store.

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