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Thursday, June 25, 2009

gain, ugh

Well I gained this week. I wasn't too surprised, although I must say I was glad it was only 2.6 pounds. I thought it may end up being around 4 pounds. I haven't been doing so well on counting my points or working out. Tonight at the meeting they said to be prepared for the unexpected. I think I have issues with that. I get thrown off one day and it throws me off for at least a few days. It seems that this time it has thrown me off for at least 4 weeks. I can't pin point the time or day that I was thrown off, but I am sure it was something unexpected.

I have just been down lately, tired, not wanting to do much of anything. I want so badly to just get back into things. I hate feeling this way. Ugh!!!!!!! It is like, I know what I have to do to loose weight, but I just don't care to do it. I wish I could just wake up skinny! (oh don't we all?)

Well I guess that is my vent for today. Keep me in your prayers as I try to work my feeling out and get back on track.

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