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Monday, June 29, 2009

words, more or less...

(sorry if this post seems to be chasing rabits. I was in Church yesterday and began to get ideas so I wrote down a lot of stuff and now that I have typed it out it isn't as smooth as it was in my head)

Ok, I am so tracking my points again! I know, I know. I have said this before and a week, a month or 6 months later I am back on here saying it again. But you know I guess that is why it is called a weight loss journey. It is like traveling. You have road bumps or turbulence. Well the weight loss road sometimes stops me in my tracks or often times it throws me back a few miles.

I was thinking the other day that weight loss is kind of like quitting smoking. Some may disagree, but here me out. They are both addictions that are unhealthy. When I am stressed the first place I go is the kitchen to open the fridge or pantry to see what we have to eat! When smokers are stressed they go to get a cigarette. They are both bad for you and hard to give up (overeating and smoking, not the weight loss and quitting)!

Well I am back at a point that I want to count my points again, no matter how hard. The last few weeks I have had a distraction in my life, but it is no longer there. I have to do something. I am reminded that I want to be around for my husband and children in 10, 20, 50 years. I don't want to end up on a TLC show about people who eat their way to death.

So with all that said I ask that you pray for me and with me. I would like to present my prayer to God and ask that you do the same:

Heavenly Father,
I have nothing on my own, You are my true provider. Thank you for giving me this body and life. give me Your strength to resist the things that bring medown both physically and emotionally. I ask that I be used for you. I thank you in advance for making me new! You are my Healer. I love you Lord.

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