Counting down the pounds

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Well I lost 1.6 pounds this week! I was happy about that but at the same time I still have a few more pounds to loose to get back to my highest. My goal this week is to get in 3 of my 5 servings of fruits or vegetables each day. This was the goal our leader gave us for the week. So far today I have had one serving of blueberries! So I am well on my way. I can have a snack later today of fruit and then hopefully tonight someone will bring a veggie dish to the cook out our FLOCK is having.

FYI - My husband is so very much the best husband in the world! He got me flowers this week that had a note on them that said you are a great wife and I love you! How sweet is he? He even went to the front door and rang the door bell but I was back in our bathroom and didn't hear him :( I would have loved to see him through the peep hole holding those beautiful roses! You can see pictures of them on my other blog 9 months and beyond

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