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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How am I doing?

The last few weeks have been so up and down. I hate it when I have down days but I love those up days.

Yesterday was an up day. I woke up early, not on purpose mind you, but I decided to get some things done. I started the dishwasher, which I should mention my wonderful husband had unloaded and loaded the night before. I turned off the alarm (so it wouldn't go off when Justin left) and made Justin's lunch. Then I even did my Bible study! I have been doing pretty good at making sure I do my Bible study before the kids wake up, but for some reason this day was different. I am so glad I chose to do it. It was really a great study and I feel like it helped me all through out the day to make smart choices.

Then there are days like today. Ugh. Very much a down kind of day. It is like I just woke up with a huge cover of tiredness and depression on me. I had no desire to get out of bed and found myself mad when Owen woke up crying about 6:45. I didn't get Justin's lunch made or turn off the alarm for him (he did turn it off himself). I didn't do my Bible study either. I just laid in bed until a little after 7, when I decided Owen had cried long enough and wasn't going to go back to sleep. This feeling just kept over me the entire day. It effected the choices I made too. I didn't make good choices, let's just leave it at that.

Do you think Satan can just sense when we are going to stomp on his plan? I think so. I think that because of my good day on Monday that he could tell something good was going to happen. The bad part is that I just let him stomp on me instead.

I am going to pray that tomorrow is a better day and that I won't let Satan stomp on me like he did today. Will you pray with me?

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Lindsey said...

Perservere lady! You are strong and a great mamma :)