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Monday, August 29, 2011

Day one...

Today I started my 30 day challenge. Let's just say that I hope my children don't need me to hold them over the next few weeks because my arms may not be able to hold them.**Update (I wrote this post earlier this evening) My legs are really feeling it now! YIKES!**

Actually, I am surprised at how quickly I have recovered from day one. My legs still hurt, but my arms aren't too bad. Probably because I didn't use the hand weights that she said to use. I could only find one of them. I will search for the other one tonight so I can be prepared tomorrow.

One of the things I like about it is that by the time you feel like you are going to quit she starts counting down from 5, so you know you can finish 5 more seconds worth. She is also encouraging while being strict. So day one down and only 29 to go. I sure hope I can do this.

Here is my food tracker from today. As you can see, I included everything down to the one french fry I had. Hopefully the more I do this the more detailed I will get, like putting down how much of each thing I eat (ex: 1/2 cup mac n' cheese).

August 29, 2011

4 scrambled eggs w/ some onions in it
½ glass of chocolate milk (skim)
toast w/ butter

grilled chicken sandwich w/ bbq sauce on it
fruit cup
1 fry
diet dr. pepper (refilled once)
a few bites of the soft serve ice cream at chick fil a
a bite of chicken nugget

crackers (afternoon snack)

hot dog wrapped in crescent roll w/ cheese and fried onion strips
mac n cheese

1 comment:

Liesl said...

Way to go, girly! Day one down, and you have proven to us all (including you...haha) that you can do it! Woohoo! Here we go...

Love you!