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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Day two...

Ugh, owe, ugh!

I'm pretty sure that is the only way to describe how I feel right now. If I could spell out a groan then I would because every time I get up off the couch or the floor I groan, loud. I'm not sure if Ian was concerned or thinking I was crazy.

Everyone keeps commenting on my facebook status updates telling me that it gets better after day 3 or 4. So I am hoping they are right. I know it will pay off. I just wish this weekend wasn't Labor Day (we don't have First Place 4 Health, which means I don't have our official weigh in). I can only imagine that two weeks worth of this is going to show some great results!

Here is my food tracker for today. (FYI I had a chocolate banana smoothie last night after I posted)

chicken biscuit
fruit cup
1 slice of bacon
1 walnut
small bite of oatmeal
plain biscuit
diet dr. pepper


roast beef from arby’s
a few fries from McDonald’s

cookies (iced animal cracker type cookies)

mac n ‘ cheese

1 comment:

Liesl said...

Oh. My. Word. I am totally with you on the "OWWWWWWWWWW" but you're right. It will be worth it. And once we get past the soreness, we should never stop the working out so we don't have to go through this part again. Haha :)

Seriously, though, I am so glad you are doing this with me! Let's let our stubbornness kick in...onto day 3!!!

Can't wait for your next First Place 4 Health meeting in a couple weeks so you can see your hard work pay off! Keep it up, my friend! It will be so worth it!