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Saturday, December 27, 2008

I'm back...

Ok y'all, I didn't post last week because I was very disappointed at my weigh in. I gained 4 pounds last week, blah. I really did not care about loosing weight that week and to be honest I still am a little in the "I don't care" mode. But this weeks weigh in was a lot better, I lost 3.8! So I have 2.2 to go to reach my pre-pregnancy goal. I am going to weigh in on Wednesday morning, although I am hoping they will let me just weigh in and not count it because I don't want to count it until Saturday when I go to weigh in then. I really want to get back into my kick butt mode so I bought a new points calculator at my WW meeting that I can keep in my purse all the time and I am thinking about doing a class at my church called Body and Soul. It is a work out class to Christian music. Anyways, please pray that I can do good over the next few days, I would really like to reach my goal by Wednesday.

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