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Friday, March 20, 2009

Baby steps

Back to square one. I am having the hardest time getting into weight watchers. I haven't counted my points in forever. So I am going to take baby steps, you know like in What About Bob. So for the next few days I will count everything prior to lunch. This doesn't give me the excuse to eat bad after lunch and beyond, but it will help me get into the counting of the points. So this morning I counted my breakfast. I already forgot about my deal and have made some brownies, I licked the spoon I mixed it with. Doh! Well I am trying. I CAN do this!

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Ace said...

I'm actually starting my weight loss plan over today as well. I'm plan to blog about it in the next couple hours if you want to check it out. I need all the partners in crime I can get, so I will check in with you often!