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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Mad but not discouraged...

So I gained this week. :( I was so frustrated at first. Since Thursday I have calmed down though. I promised my weight watchers leader that I would email her my tracker. This has helped me actually track all of my points. And I mean all of them, including my Braums from Friday night. I also realized I should not eat as much popcorn as I have been eating. Evidentaly the salt in it can cause you to gain weight. I was seriously eating it everyday, sometimes twice a day!

I am a little frustrated at the weather predictions this week. It looks like rain all week! I have been doing so good with walking outside. Grrr, arrgg. This means I may not have the help of my friends to keep me accountable with my work outs. (Justin the pressure is on)

Read the poem from the previous post. It is very good! I just keep thinking "If you bite it write it!"

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Bonnie said...

Isn't that so frustrating! I can feel your pain. I really thought I was doing well last week and I gained too. But, getting back up is what matters, right?