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Friday, April 17, 2009

Oh me, oh my!

Weight watchers is challenging all its members to do a 5K! I am so excited. They are providing all the tools for the training and if we complete the 5K then we get some free stuff from them! I was made our team captain yesterday at the meeting. I think this will help me stay motivated with exercising! I got out and walked yesterday with Ian on my back and AJ in the stroller! We only walked for about 13 minutes, but it was nice. The bad thing is that today it is raining. :( I do have a walking DVD though from WW so I think, scratch that, I KNOW I will do it today! I feel so pumped now.

I actually lost this week! Yay for that. Just what I needed to get started on this 5K. I want to be at 75 pounds lost (total, not in addition to what I have already lost) by the time our family goes to Florida (that would be May 30). I think that this is possible. I had previously made that same goal and that has come and gone already. But now I am on a new mission. I have been cooking dinner at home the past two weeks, which not only saves us money but also helps me stay on track.


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