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Friday, November 2, 2007

good week...

I lost 1 pound this week! Yeah! I am currently at 44.8 pounds lost. Not back up to my highest, but getting there.

I have discovered (and I actually mean my husband discovered it) some amazing pretzels! They are made by Snyder's and they are called butter snaps. Oh my gosh, they melt in your mouth. (I might be exaggerating, but seriously they are good)! I can have 24 for only 2 points! Also, Dole has fruit cups that come with fruit and yogurt. Those are good as well.

I have been sleeping better this week, which is great news! I guess it was on Tuesday I asked for people to pray that I slept good and boy did I! It was amazing. I woke up on time and everything!

Alright, only 15.2 pounds to go to reach my goal. Please keep praying for me to not give in to things like candy and well other bad for you kinds of things. Also, please pray that I will get back on my work out routine. While I did work out more this week than last week, I still should have done more. I didn't walk for three of the days this week, but at least on two of those days we did DDR in the evening. Ok, well I guess that is if for now. Looking forward to being able to say 60 pounds lost!!!!

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Alyson said...

Way to go!!! You will so hit your goal! It is hard to keep doing all the right things. It can be an everyday struggle, but keep at it.

I hadn't really planned on doing a 5k so soon, but the head coach wanted to do it with the softball team, so I did it too. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to do it again! I am looking at doing one in a few weeks or in December.