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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Psalm 46:10

God has been telling me today over and over that I need to “Be still and know that I am God”. All day long I have been saying this part of Psalm 46:10 in my head. So much is going on today. I think the thing that is most consuming me is that my best friend is having some “troubles” with her pregnancy. She is due to be induced on Tuesday, but they might do it earlier because of all that is going on. I feel as though I should be continually in contact with her, and yet God keeps telling me to “Be still and know that HE is God”. What an amazing thought! He is God! He knows the things we are going through and all that is on our heart. He longs for us to cry out to him and yet I am learning this week that He longs for us to be still and listen to him speak! I feel like things are so chaotic this week, which makes this such a hard lesson to be learning. This week I want to strive to listen and not make things all about me! I want to read my ladies Bible study book a little each day. Most of all I want to be still!


Erin said...

I need to be still and know that He is God, too. It's very calming, isn't it? It's almost like taking a deep breath.

Reagann knows how to be still. Maybe I can learn how to be still, too.

Liesl said...

Jes, that is such a great reminder (that I also needed this week). I hope that God gives you a peace that He is in control and loves Erin's baby even more than we can imagine. How cool is that?! Thanks for sharing your God has definitely been tugging on my heart in that area this week, too. See you on Sunday!! YAY!

Alyson said...

Seems that we are all in the same boat this week. Thanks for sharing, I needed that too.

Teresa said...

When I was preparing to make the move to AZ that bible verse was given to me by a friend. It was Gods why of telling me that I was going to be just fine. Thanks for reminding me tht God is so good to me all the time.