Counting down the pounds

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

I'm ok with the results...

So I weighed in tonight.  I lost 2/10 of a pound.  I for sure wanted to lose more, but I am glad I didn't gain.  Really I wasn't surprised at the results because I didn't do all to well from Friday - Monday.  Today I haven't felt good, so I haven't worried too much about not working out, although I did get my work out in the morning done.  Ok, that is all for today, I am going to go and rest so I can get better.


Liesl said...

Yay, you are up to 52.6 now! Which, technically can be rounded to 53...which technically can be rounded to 55...which then can be rounded to 60. :o) Don't you love my logic (or lack thereof). But seriously, you rock, girl. Keep it up!

Alyson said...

I like Liesl's logic! Wish it would work that way on a scale when you weighed yourself!!
I hope that you get to feeling better - it bites being sick!
You only have 7 pounds to go - that is so awesome!!