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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Weigh in day...

So I am always a little anxious on weigh in day. But today I am feeling ok. I feel really good about the past week. My WW leader has really helped me and I have actually done what she suggested. To be honest at first I found myself making excuses, but then realized she was right in saying I needed to eat more fruits/veggies and dairy products. I think the thing that got me to do it was she said not to feel overwhelmed, to add them in 1-2 increments. This has helped me to not feel overwhelmed about it. I now have a half gallon of milk at my office so one of my morning snacks is a cup of Chocolate milk (I just can't do the plain milk, with out something sweet). :) I have also started buying the dole fruit cups. They are 1/2 cup servings of fruit. I am eating those more often too. And I have started back to eating my broccoli and cheese. I had kind of stopped eating them for a while. So anyway, I will post as soon as I can after weigh in tonight. Justin and I are planning on eating dinner at Applebee's (they have a WW menu). Hopefully we will be celebrating!!!

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Erin said...

Yea for chocolate milk!