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Monday, December 24, 2007

In Florida...

So we arrived in Florida on Saturday evening an hour and a half past the time we were supposed to. We sat on the run way in OKC for about an hour and a half because Chicago was shut down because of fog. Then once in the plan in Chicago we sat on the plan for about 30 minutes because a part in the luggage compartment fell off and they were fixing it. Lets just say that it was nice to be off of the plan!

So on traveling day, I will be honest, I did not count my points. But starting on Sunday I did! Today we went on a walk around the neighborhood that my in-laws live. It was very nice, about 52 degrees outside! Yesterday it got up to 78 degrees! It does not feel like any Christmas I have ever known :) So anyway, things are going good thus far. Justin's family is very supportive of my needs for WW, that makes it very easy to track my points and only eat at places where I know the points values. I think that we will be walking around some more today, so that will be some more activity points for me!

Well I hope that you all have a very blessed Christmas! I will write again soon!

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