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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

change of plans...

Well this morning I woke up to go to aerobics at the YMCA and realized (before leaving, thankfully) that the child care didn't start till 8:15, the class started at 7:45. I was bummed but decided I would try out a zumba class.

My friend Kristen came with me and we toughed it out. I didn't get the memo that you had to be on crack to do zumba. :) Just kidding, but it was high intensity though. Perhaps I should go to the beginner class. I am just glad Kristen was there because I am pretty sure I would have found an excuse to leave early!

I am going to go to a water aerobics class tomorrow. :) That might be more my speed. I will keep you updated.

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Liesl said...

Jessica!! This is huge! I am so excited that you found another class to go to, rather than giving up and using it as an excuse not to go at all. I say that is a victory! I can't even imagine what I would look like trying Zumba (it would be hilarious, I'm pretty sure), but I have heard some great things about it! Definitely try that beginner class and let me know what you think. Have fun at water aerobics today! And, just so you long run yesterday was inspired by you, knowing you were going to the Y. So just know that you encouraged me, and I will be right there doing the same for you! Love you, friend! We are getting healthy again! Woohoo!