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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh me, oh my...

As you know last week I tried Zumba with my friend Kristen. Then I tried water aerobics (by myself). On Saturday I mowed our lawn (front and back) and in the front yard I didn't use the self propel feature.

So how have I done so far this week? Well on Monday I was REALLY tired and sore, but my friends and family must have been praying for me because I got a random burst of energy and got the boys ready and went to work out at the YMCA. We got there a little after 11, which I figured wasn't too bad since the class I wanted to go to started at 11. However, when I arrived and got the kids in the child watch area I realized that the class was not what I thought it was going to be. So I ended up walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I decided I would opt out of working out because my shoulders and back were extremely sore. But today my friend Kristen met me once again at the YMCA and we did a class called Body Pump. It was pretty much weight lifting. I was impressed that I made it though the entire class (well I technically didn't there were some moves at the end that I just couldn't do, but maybe with time I will be able to). I am really thankful for my friend Kristen as I would not have gone today if she wasn't going to be going too. We have decided to go to this class once a week, so hopefully I will continue to get better at it.

I am not sure what I will be doing tomorrow, perhaps water aerobics again? I will keep you updated. Please continue to pray for strength to do this. I really want to keep it up.

Also, I had my last weigh in with Weight Watchers last week. I will be weighing in once a week still just doing it at the YMCA. Thankfully they have a scale much like the one at WW.

And here is a picture just for reading this long post :) My inspiration for doing all of this!

Picture taken by Katy from Life Captured by Katy.

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Liesl said...

Love it! I especially love your "inspiration for doing this" part :) Makes it easier to keep when everything is kept in perspective. You are such a great example to those boys of perseverance and how these sacrifices are paying off! And don't be hard on yourself when you take a day off (you can still make good choices in all of the other areas!). Otherwise, if you are like me, you will just discourage yourself enough to talk yourself out of going back, ya know? So keep it up, give yourself grace when you need a day off, and remember that we are behind you and praying for you every day! Love you, friend, and I can't wait to continue to see you transformed, inside and out!