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Friday, May 27, 2011

Cycling class...

This week I took a cycling class! I have to admit after talking to my close friend Liesl I was a little scared to go. But knowing that my other two friends were going to be there too, I pushed through my fears and arrived at the class. I might just mention that I brought one bottle of water, which was not enough for me to finish the class! I had to stop and go fill it up half way through.

With my lack of water aside, I really enjoyed the class. I don't think I have sweated that much in a long time! I'm talking I could have filled up a bath tub with the amount of sweat that my shirt absorbed. Too graphic? Well sorry, I don't know how else to sell it to you. :)

The bad things about this class? Well let me see, my rear (and other areas near the rear) hurt seriously bad for about a day and a half after the class. Also, I am not able to do the hard core parts yet because it was way hard core for me, like when they "run" (basically standing while riding the bike). I tried a couple of times, but couldn't do it more than a few seconds. But really, over all, I liked it. I am bummed that Monday is a holiday because the YMCA will be closed, which means I don't get to go cycling. :( Perhaps I will be able to talk my hubs into going on a walk that day instead.

I suppose that is all. Well except the fact that I tried the Body Pump class again and was only able to stay for about 25 minutes. It was tougher the second time around. I honestly thought it would be easier. Oh well, perhaps I will go again next Wednesday.

And now, since you have sat through this novel of a post, I will reward you with this picture of my sweet babes. Aren't they the cutest? You don't have to answer that, I already know they are. ;)


Liesl said...

Hi my friend! I am so excited about your newfound motivation for the Y! I think it's going to be such a great fit (working out + feeling good + social time with other women = WONDERFUL!). I'm sorry I scared you about the cycling class...that wasn't my intent. I was more trying to encourage you to give yourself grace (and give your backside because I remembered those exact same feelings when I went to the class, but knew what a great accomplishment I felt when I survived. LOL. Anyhow, way to go, sticking it out, even with my not-so-helpful encouragement ;) I think we should have a reward reunion when you reach some certain goal. Like maybe a day trip to meet up in Wichita or something? Just a thought :) Miss you so much! Keep are doing great and it will continue to get even better the more you stick to it! You inspire people, and you are showing how God can demonstrate His strength through our journeys!

blesid said...

I had to leave a comment because I work out quite a bit at our gym and around our neighborhood ... and I"ve NEVER had the guts to do a cycling class! I don't think my booty could take it! My excuse is that I'm not really good at riding a real bike. When I use that excuse I get funny looks but no comments. So perhaps you've motivated me to try a class. And I will bring extra water!!! Jules from bles-id