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Sunday, May 1, 2011

So many thoughts...

I realized the other day that I have really neglected my weight loss blog. I can tell you that the reason is because I have not been doing very well with my weight loss.

I don't know what my problem is. I just have no desire to work out or to count my points. I have talked about quitting weight watchers all together. This makes me sad. I have never before even considered quitting WW. I have always been such a firm believer that WW is the way to go when it comes to weight loss, but now I am just so discouraged that I don't even know what to do.

Perhaps the answer is in this blog. I didn't know that there is a way to look at all the comments until the other day when I was trying to delete some spam comments. I was amazed at all of the encouraging comments that people had made.

Here is what I have decided I need in order to accomplish my weight loss. First it would be really nice to have a personal chef. Not just to make all of our meals, but to teach me how to make them too. That way eventually he/she could take days off and I would be responsible for cooking yummy healthy meals. Second, I need a personal trainer. I mean weight loss isn't all about the food we eat. I need to know how to work out. Again, he/she would teach me these things so that someday I would no longer need them and I could do it on my own some day. And third, I would need a nanny to watch my kids while I am learning how to cook and how to work out. Of course in addition to me doing all of this stuff I still have to find time to be a good wife and mom.

I can dream, right? Perhaps I need to audition for The Biggest Looser? I am not sure it would be possible seeing how I have two little ones and a husband at home who works a full time job.

So we are back to where I started when I began this post. What am I supposed to do in order to get my desire to loose weight back? HELP. Seriously, if you have any suggestions as to what might help, I am actually asking for your opinions. There is no way that I want to go back to the weight that I was when I started my weight loss journey. I want to be around for my husband and my kids. I want to have more kids someday, but I really don't want to have them while I am so obese.

Please know that I know that I am obese. I am not overweight. If I were I would only need to loose a little bit of weight. I need to loose over a hundred pounds. YIKES! I never wanted to be here. I am such an emotional eater. I wish I had it in me to just eat when hungry.

Okay, enough of this. I think I will go walk on the treadmill. Perhaps I will feel better and more encouraged. Again if you have any words of wisdom on how to get out of this funk then PLEASE let me know.


Misti said...

I don't have any great words of wisdom but I will be praying God gives you a double dose of motivation and a makes a way for you. I love you girl!! :)

Angela said...

Hey, when we went to Henderson, I used to work out a lot at Transformation. At the time they gave discounts on membership and 10% off personal training. Anyway, for a while I would work out each week for 30 min. My trainer (her name is Carrie, love her!) would write down the excersizes for me so I would know what to do when she wasn't there. After I had a lot of note cards with workouts on them, I cut down to once a month. It really helped keep me motivated and tought me a lot! Don't know what your budget is, but it might be worth checking into!

Angela said...

(I meant to say I would work out each week for 30 min-with the trainer. Came in a couple of other times besides that too) Good luck!

Rai and Shannon said...

Not sure I have any great words of wisdom, but I sure do feel your pain! I had thought about maybe you need to try another route other than weight watchers, too...a fresh approach just might be what you need! Also, we joined the Y a couple of months ago, and I took my first ever group class. I have to say it is amazing!! Working out in a class setting motivates me...they notice if you aren't there (so you go), and they notice if you stop in the middle of the workout (so you push yourself farther than you would alone). Also the instructors are SO helpful with questions about diet, workouts, etc. I love it!! I was feeling very burnt out working out at home, and now I am motivated all over again! If you are interested in joining the Y and trying some classes...let me know! I will tell you which ones I do, Heather Parker does, and the ones we do together. It might be just what you need!!