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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I guess I have been tagged!

Jobs I've had:

1) 2 weeks at SNU in the Cafeteria
2) Children’s intern at PCBC
3) Cashier at Sweete Memories Bakery
4) Data entry at Baptist Messenger
5) Sales associate at Beauty Co
6) Sales associate at Stage, Kohle’s (sp?), and LifeWay Chirstian Store
7) Clerical at Family Medical Supply
8) Assistant Office Manager of AccuHealth Sleep Disorders Center

Places I've Lived:

1) Edmond, Oklahoma (born here)
2) Lakewood, CO
3) Richardson, TX
4) Arvada, CO
5) Nebraska (I am at a blank as to the name of the town!)
6) Lakewood, CO (yes again)
7) Rifle, CO
8) Bethany, OK
9) Weatherford, OK
10) Edmond, OK

Places I'd Rather Be (in no particular order):

1) anywhere but work! (I have a great job, but who wouldn’t want to be somewhere else)
2) Ballroom dancing!!!
3) with Justin
4) Hanging with my family/friends

Foods I Love:

1) Dark Chocolate
2) Mexican
3) Pizza
4) Lasagna

TV Shows I Love:

1) Re-Runs of Friends
2) Food Network
4) Bones
5) Chuck
6) Office
7) Journeyman
8) Disney Channel (seriously, I love Hanna Montana!)
9) Ok, I have more, but it would show that I watch way too much TV!

Movies I Love:

1) Romantic Comedies
2) X-Men movies
4) Disney Movies (recently the Meet The Robinsons animation!)
5) Musicals (I love the Newsies, Hairspray)


Erin said...

I so love Hannah Montana, too! If there weren't so many people scalping her tickets, I might have gone to her concert when she comes here. Marvin even likes the show!

My favorite one is the one where she loses her voice and she dreams that Jackson is "Bucky Kentucky." HEE!

Yo Sista said...

Ok...I have absolutely no recollection of you ever working in the SNU cafeteria! When in the world was that? Love ya :-)