Counting down the pounds

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Minor set back…

So I gained this week. I was kind of expecting that though. I didn’t do very well this week. Plus I was sore all week from the lunges, so Justin and I didn’t do DDR at all this week. I am sure that played a part in it. I did however still walk this week during my lunch break, so I guess that is one positive thing that came out of this. Well this means I need to loose 16.2 pounds before December 31st in order to reach my goal of 60 pounds by December 31st.


Liesl said...

16.2 lbs by Dec can totally do that, I know it! When you talk of your soreness from lunges, it reminds me of my cheerleading tryouts. We did so many jumps that my friend and I could seriously not even walk down stairs. Sore muscles are a great thing, though, because that means they are growing, and muscle burns more energy than fat, so YIPPEE for more muscles! Keep up the GREAT work (even if you had a so-so week, you are still doing great work). :o) Liesl

Teresa said...

Keep your chin up do not tlet this set back get you down. 16.2 pounds is nothing for you.