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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Hungry like a wolf...

I wish my hunger would go away today! It just seems that no matter what I eat today I am hungry five minutes later. So far today I have had 12.5 points! I try to limit my morning points to 10, and even then I try and stay below 10! I have had oatmeal, fiber one bar, pretzels, broccoli and cheddar, pudding. Why am I still hungry? I can honestly say it is not because I need more fiber in my diet. Now, while writing this I can’t think of anything but what sounds good for lunch. The bad thing is that I am going to eat what I brought, either a Healthy Choice steamer or a Healthy Choice pizza. HMM, but what sounds better perhaps the Charleston’s that someone offered? When they came by my office I just told them not to even ask me because I didn’t need to get anything from there. She said, not even a salad? And I was thinking, yeah a salad would be ok, but what I would end up ordering would be a prime rib sandwich with French fries and ranch dressing! My mouth is literally watering.

Last night Justin and I did a 7 song work out on our DDR. 7 songs with like a 2 second break in-between each song. How crazy is that. I was beat by the end. Lately we have just been doing a 4 song work out and then taking a break and doing it again. It is amazing how much that break helps out! I couldn’t do another one after not having a break. I guess we will just have to work our way up to it. Although, Justin could probably go and go for a long time after me!

I just had a thought that maybe the reason I am so hungry today is because I have actually been working pretty hard this morning. Well up until the point that I started typing my blog ; )

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technocrat7 said...

You wrote: "Although, Justin could probably go and go for a long time after me!"

No, I was worn out, too. That was a lot of dancing.

-- Justin