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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Only 95.8 to go!!!

Only 95.8 pounds to go before I reach my goal and become a lifetime member at weight watchers (this means I get to go to meetings for free). This sounds like a lot, but I have already knocked out 41.2 pounds! And if I keep going at this rate I should reach my 60 pound mark by December 31st if not before! My leader at weight watchers said there is no reason as to why I can't be at goal by this time next year! Could you imagine...It is hard for me to imagine that. I mean Justin and I have talked about getting new clothes, but once I get to my goal I get to get real new clothes! You see I figure there is no point in buying brand new clothes if I am going to have to get new ones a few months later anyway. So we will try some consignment stores and then if I can't find anything there we will shop at Wal-Mart. That way we aren't spending too much on clothes I won't be wearing for long. Anyways, my point to all of that is it is hard to image a smaller me! I can tell right now that I have lost, but I still don't feel like I look different. (I hope that makes sense). You see, I can tell in some if not most of my clothes, but I don't feel like I look different in my waist. I can tell a difference in my face, but that is all. I can't wait to be able to see the new me, well the new body of me, I will hopefully still be me.

I avoided the vending monster again! I wasn't planning on it, I went down there with money, ready to buy some chocolate donuts, but then once I got there I realized that my dollar was to wrinkly and one of my quarters was a Canadian quarter! So I thought you know I don't need these anyway, so I resisted and came back to my office. I have to say it was kind of hard. But I am glad I resisted!

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