Counting down the pounds

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another good one!

I weighed in and the verdict is....-2 pounds! That makes a grand total of 38.8 pounds lost! That is equvelant to 155.2 sticks of butter! (I got that off the weight watchers website!) I litteraly dropped my mouth open when I looked down at my weight book and saw that I had lost 2 more pounds!

After the meeting tonight Justin and I headed off to Texas Roadhouse. The last time we went there I told him I wanted it to be a non-weight watchers date! This time, however I ordered good. Although, I did eat too much. But we have to look at it as one battle won, since I didn't order the yummy cheesy smoke house burger! I ordered grilled shrimp! (I hate to say though that I did order fries. You can't eat there and not order their yummy fries and dip it in their yummy steak sauce!) Then after running in to some friends of ours from church (a little shout out to Brady and Jay), we headed to walmart. Now then, while I do not count that as activity points I do count it as a good work out! (I learned from past weeks that when I counted that as activity points I ended up not doing much else as far as working out goes). Then once we got home from Walmart we did a little Dance Dance Revolution! I was worn out though and only made it through 4 songs. But a little is better than nothing! (By the way my wonderful husband is awesome at DDR, he got 2 double A's with rings, which as far as we know is the highest score!)


Teresa said...

Bravo Ms. Jessica....keep up the good work.

Erin said...

It's funny that you mention 155.2 sticks of butter because that's exactly how much is missing from my refrigerator. Hmm. :c)

If you could see me, I'd give you a celebration, but since you can't, I'll just have to say AWESOME!