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Friday, August 3, 2007

yes second tiem in one day

I highly doubt most people post more than one blog in a day, but I am bored. I am sitting at work and since my office manager is out for the day I have nothing to do since I am so caught up. I have literally pushed my check mail button a thousand times! And of course when I am bored I think about food. What else! I really want a sprite right now, but that is actually something I don't mind resisting. Perhaps having this blog will distract me long enough so that I don't go and get something from the....AGH....vending machine!!! The horrible monster that calls your name! You know what I am talking about. I guess they have been putting a few healthy choice items in there, like pretzels. But seriously why can't they be like chocolate covered pretzels :o Oh wait that wouldn't be good, well it would tast good, it just wouldn't be the best choice is what I should say.

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