Counting down the pounds

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Monday, August 13, 2007


Wow, I can't believe I went all weekend with out posting! This weekend was ok. Weekends are always hard because I don't have my same schedule as I do during the week. It is hard to keep track of points because I am not right in front of the computer all day. But overall I think I still did ok this weekend.

I am trying to keep my snacks down in the morning, because I tend to eat more in the morning then I do in the afternoon. And now that I can eat one less point, I want to make sure I still have enough for dinner and lunches. If I can start eating more veggies that have no points like fresh broccoli or carrots, I should be fine. It is hard to eat that kind of stuff with out ranch dressing though. Well wish me luck and keep praying for me to be strong!

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