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Friday, August 17, 2007

Stop typing!

Have you ever been at work and had stuff to do, but still be totally bored? Well that is how I am right now. To make it worse, when I get like this I start to think of food. Like right now I am thinking how great a piece of chocolate cake would be, not just your plain jane chocolate cake, I am talking cake with multiple layers of chocolate! Oh, (sigh) that would be wonderful! But alas, I am trying to avoid eating something (not that I have access to a cake like that right now, but there are chocolate donuts in the vending monster). Ok, so I am going to go back to work and not think about the cake or any food for that matter. Right, this is what I am going to do, that means I have to stop typing now. Ok stop typing, stop typing stop typing! (true Friends fans will recognize that this is a quote from Ross) Ok seriously I am ending this right now!

1 comment:

chris10 said...

Hilarious...."vending monster"...I love it!