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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Lovely Day

Today was a beautiful day! The weather was wonderful and I did well with watching my points. I had a salad at Johnnies, which by the way was wonderful! Then for dinner I had a BBQ chicken sandwich with potato wedges from KFC. Plus Justin and I got to go swim at my mom and Steve's house, which was very nice since it was HOT outside.

So I discovered that I do my best thinking while at night while trying to go to sleep. The bad thing is, is that once I get to a point that I can sit down at the computer and type it all out, I can't remember a single thing I thought. So tonight my goal is to try and remember what I think of while in bed, perhaps I should write it down so I can share my wonderful wisdom with all of you. Or perhaps that is why God doesn't let me remember, because it is not so wise!

I know I am supposed to be writing about my weight loss journey and all, but I would just like to add a side note here...I love my husband! He is truly the most wonderful man in the world. All my life I have prayed that God would provide me with a Christian man, but Justin has surpassed all my expectations. For instance, he currently is memorizing Bible verses and has already memorized at least 12 or so. He is amazing. I love him, I love him, I love him! Oh, and to make this about my weight loss, he constantly encourages me with this. He tells me that he loves me regardless of if I lose or not. By the way, he has a blog too, and you can see the link to it on the side of my page. You should read it!

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