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Monday, August 6, 2007

Well Done!

So today I did well! I counted my points all morning, which it seems as though I eat the most between breakfast and lunch. You would think I would eat more between lunch and dinner, hmm. Oh well. Ok, so counted my points...I ate what I brought for lunch, a healthy choice meal. Then I walked for about 20 minutes after I ate. It was great. Then for dinner I went to Chili's with the Women's Bible Study from Church. Chili's is great since they are in my Weight Watchers book. I got Chicken Fajitas and instead of using tortilla's I used lettuce. It was yummy! I did give in and eat some chips and salsa before our food came. I am not sure how to count that as points. I am hoping that when Justin gets home he will want to do a little dance, make a little oh wait a minute lets keep it PG! Seriously though Dance Dance Revolution is awesome! I think everyone should buy it!!!!! Ok, that is all for now. I am just waiting for my hubby to get home from his men's Bible study. I am not usually home before him, you know women, we can TALK!!

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