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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blood Work

So I went to my doctor today to see how my blood work turned out. Overall I guess things were well. My good cholesterol was up (which is a good thing) and my overall cholesterol was in the normal range. My triglycerides were up from last time, which isn't good, but it is still better than when I first started the blood work stuff back in April or May. Unfortunately he didn't have all the pages from the lab so I wasn't able to find out about my insulin. He is supposed to call me and let me know once he receives it.

Yesterday wasn't so good. I ate Sonic for lunch and then had an appetizer party with the ladies from my Sunday School. I ate too much during and after they were there! But I guess I can find a silver lining and say that I did not open the bag of double stuffed oreo's that were brought! I love oreo's! Especially the double stuffed ones. So all and all I guess it wasn't too bad. Today is a new day and I will do my best to not over eat and to track my points and work out, because I am worth it!

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