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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mazzio's (now how do you pronounce that?)

This weekend has been ok. On saturday, hmm what did I do on Saturday, well let's see...I volunteered at the pregnancy center. I remembered to bring lot's of snacks this time, so I was good as far as not getting hungry goes. Of course friday I was dreaming of the chocolate cake and what else did they have there at the center but chocolate cake! And yes I had a piece, it was 3 points and YUMMY! I enjoyed every bite of it! The rest of the day was good. I had a sandwich for lunch and pizza for dinner.

Sunday was great! Justin lead the study in our Sunday School. He did a great job, of course! He is so wonderful. Then the class went to Mazzio's. Probably a buffet was not the way to go for someone on weight watchers, but it helped that one of the ladies, Haley, in our Sunday School class is a lifetime member of
Weight Watchers. We talked about WW just about the whole time, it kind of kept me from getting up more than once. Oh and her and her husband have as son that is very cute!

So tomorrow I am hosting our ladies Bible study, only we aren't doing a Bible study. We are having an appetizer party. I hope to do good and not go to wild on the food. I will let you know how I do. Well I guess that is all for know. Just a lot of boringness this weekend.

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